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Jun 21, 2011

Pino Donaggio's "The House" from the complete score to CARRIE on Kritzerland

In 2010 a limited edition 2 cd set of the Pino Donaggio complete score to Brian De Palma's CARRIE was released by Kritzerland. The single cd may be easier to purchase, but if you can find it, I say buy the out of print Kritzerland 2 cd set. It is a joy to listen to if you are a fan of thrillers, Brian De Palma or Pino Donaggio or Stephen King.

I am especially fond of the composition entitled "The House" on the first cd of the Kritzerland release. The version of this track entitled as "Collapse of Carrie's Home" is available on the original album single cd release. 

The music begins with an introductory section that is operatic and beautifully overwrought in just the right way and it is repeated twice. This section then moves into the lower depths and what we experience is our entrée to an eerie and haunting realm. We hear a slowly commanding and pulsing electronic force wrapped into the strings and the music inspires an awe and a disbelief in the listener (well at least this listener) at what we hear, see and imagine.

As it comes to an end in just over 90 seconds, we are left hanging and exhilirated as we await the next step in the journey. I love it.

The Kritzerland site can be viewed at

Currently the online feeds of entertainment news topics show a desire by Hollywood to emake CARRIE with a new cast. I'm sure they will do it, but how do you top what was created back in 1976 by De Palma and Donaggio? Who will be chosen to score the picture? There will always be remakes for younger audiences, but in my opinion it will take a really talented team to match or top the original film.

Why not put the effort into something new? Take a risk.

In the meantime I say stick with the original winner which is captivating and compelling: CARRIE.


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