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Sep 7, 2010

Donaggio De Palma DTK at last....

Occasionally patience is a virtue, and that which you desire and wait for will eventually arrive...

I have owned the Varese Sarabande soundtrack of Pino Donaggio's score for De Palma's Dressed to Kill for many years but I have been waiting and hoping to find a cd at a reasonable price and at last good fortune has smiled upon me. it just arrived from Australia and it sounds clean and fullbodied with no bitter aftertaste.

The Boston Stranglers is out or has been temporarily abandoned. The focus for a new Brian De Palma project has returned to making TOYER.

Well Pino, are you the one? Listening to this score and the other De Palma scores will be a pleasant way to pass the time as I return to being a fan waiting patiently with other fans for the next BDP film.

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