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Nov 24, 2010

Beatles Revolver tribute RRA 2010

The Beatles Revolver album is my favorite release among the many favorites I have within their catalog.
I made a collage which allows me to share my love of the record via shapes and words and I referenced a circular photo collage concept by Robert Freeman which was not chosen to be the album cover, as well as the album title type face used on the album cover. This record was incredibly important to me as a child.

I used to invite some friends over to the house and we would practice singing along to it. In this childlike way, I was emulating my father's work as a music teacher and director in Baltimore public schools, and I was
trying to glean understanding by mimicry and recreating and bonding with the music on this release from 1966 when I was 9 years old.


My prose goes as follows:

I love Revolver
revolver evolve
evolver revolve
eve ever role lover
rev lover volver
re rover re over
revolver revolve
leo le oleo oleo lo
love 4 ever
almost a palindrome I played it to death
nothing left to say when everything has been said
everything was right
nothing left to be said
what it's like to be dead
what it is to be sad
and she's makin'me feel like
I've never been born
leo oleo lo
lover o lover
veer over
eve rover
leo oleo oleo oleo lo
O revolve o Revolver
Evolver evolve
le oleo lo leo
nothing to say
Revolver ole!

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