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Jun 25, 2010

Finally! The Fury by John Williams cd has arrived...

Do you remember The Fury?

You know, the Brian De Palma film that was released before he made everybody go Psycho with Dressed to Kill.

After a long wait, I have finally acquired a reasonably priced brand new original Varese Sarabande cd
(which was released in 1990) of John Williams' re-recording of his score.

The film is available on dvd but it really is crying out for a remastered deluxe makeover with featurettes and extras.
I missed out on getting the remastered deluxe 2 cd Varese release of The Fury which featured the actual soundtrack music used in the film plus all of the re-recordings that are on this cd which arrived today. That out-of-print goodie is outside of my price range but I am fortunate to have this.

What can I say? I'm a Brian De Palma fan and a film nut and I love film music. I'm happy. Now I can add it to my inventory of De Palma musical mementos.
Two questions now come to mind as I am listening to - and savoring - this John Williams music: just who will score The Boston Stranglers, and how long do we have to wait for this next Brian De Palma movie, a movie story that seems to be a perfect fit for his talents?

The Fury has arrived

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